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You will be taught by expert French as a second language teachers guided by the academic instruction of l’Alliance Française and employed (or having been taught) in Alliance Française Campuses.

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Initial evaluations, progression plans, a variety of resources, culminating in quality courses under academic guidance, while also adjusting our strategies to best fit online teaching. Our online courses are guaranteed the same goals and progression as our in house course. Take advantage of the same educational skills that are used at our Campus. 


  • Minimum Level Required: Elementary (A2.1)
  • Minimum Age: 15 years old
  • An adult must be present.


  • Strengthen French learning starting at grade 8 French
  • Prepare for the FLE International Diploma (DELF Junior)


  • Minimum Required Level: Middle of the elementary level(A2.1)


  • Strengthen oral and written communication skills
  • Prepare for working in French
  • Prepare for travelling in francophone countries

Corporate Courses

  • Minimum Required Level: Middle of the elementary level (A2.1)


  • Strengthen oral and written communication skills
  • Prepare for presentations in a professional environment
  • Develop language skills for a particular vocation (Healthcare, hospitality, banks, transportation…)

Public Service

  • Minimum Level Required: End of A level of the Federal Service
  • Oral Preparation for the Public Service Exam


The teachers

laura toader

Gaëlle D.

Certified with a master’s degree in French as a Foreign Language from the University of Lille, Gaëlle taught French in Ireland, then in Spain, before doing a teaching internship at Alliance Française Toronto to complete her studies. She is now part of the teaching staff of the Alliance Française.

She worked several years as a linguistic camp counsellor for French, and is thus always making sure her classes are both dynamic and enjoyable. She is willing to teach all kinds of public: children, teenagers and adults at all levels.

jasmine beguin marchand

Jasmine B.M.

Jasmine has a masters in French Literature as well as a TESL Canada and TESL Ontario certificate . She is continuing her studies to achieve a masters in language education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

Jasmine has 10 years of French teaching experience and has taught in both South Korea and Mexico.

She specializes in online adult French as a second language, corporate courses.

lalie vilar

Lalie V.

Lalie became an FLES teacher in 2014 after studying language sciences and French instruction as a foreign or second language in Bordeaux. She works with a variety of different students, adults, companies, and teenagers of all level.

She is happy to share her passion of grammar to help you learn French.

vera nochteva

Vera N.

Certified with a masters in language sciences, Véra Nochtéva studied at OISE University of Toronto and York University.

Before becoming a teacher, she worked in Cinema where she is very passionate. She has been teaching older teens and adults in Canada for the last 10 years.

patrick mwepu

Patrick M.

Patrick has a masters in the Sociology and a doctorate in Cybersociology.

Patrick has been teaching French at Alliance Francaise for 20 years. He teaches standard French, business French, French conversation, preparation for an International Baccalaureate, and courses for federal and provincial functions.

He is a polyglot who is fluent in 4 languages and 6 dialects.

wafaa el jammal

Wafaa EJ.

Wafaa has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a bachelor of Education, and she is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers.

She is a qualified teacher and is specialised in teaching French as a second language.

She has been teaching for 11 years and always provides appropriate instruction to students in order to help them attain competency in the French language.

laura toader

Laura T.

Laura is certified with a master degree in Digital teaching and engineering with French as a Foreign Language and taught firstly in Poland. Now she works in Canada with all kinds of public, from preschoolers to adults.

Passionate about digital tools like virtual classroom and online learning, she offers varied and dynamic courses, at the Alliance as well as in companies.

laura toader

Farsi N.

She has 22 years of French teaching experience. She holds a BA in French translation as well as a Master's Degree in French litterature from York university.

Farsi is specialized in conducting courses for corporate and government employees as well as preparation for benchmark language tests such as TEF and DELF.


mamadou soro

Mamadou S.

Graduated of a Master’s degree in Language Sciences with French as a Foreign Language Sorbonne Nouvelle University – Paris 3, Mamadou is a recognized teacher by the Ontario College of Teachers (EAO).

He has been teaching general French to adults and children for over 25 years, conversation classes, courses for both provincial and federal public servants, and preparation for French language tests in the AP French Language and Culture program.

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There is no extra charge for online courses. Your investment is the same as any other student studying in our campuses.

Discount available on courses taken on weekdays (Mo-Fr) between 12 PM and 4:30 PM* (Toronto Local Time)
*To be applicable, the course must end by 4:30 PM

1 student

$70 / h

2 students

$40 / h / student

3 students

$30 / h / student


Lucile Delobel

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Review and Practice

with Frantastique

Need extra French practice?

AFT is teaming up with Frantastique to bring daily customized French practices via an email right to your inbox.

Practice French through play

Play-based French learning is essential for adults.

Alliance Francaise Toronto has teamed up with Frantastique to offer you special access to their online practicing product. The method consists of a daily email featuring a story, a selection of exercises, videos, or text, and personalized feedback based on your level and interest.

We offer students this experience in addition to their online or on campus French courses.

Through this practice we keep our commitment in the main principles we apply in our French courses: having fun while learning.

You stay motivated in practicing your French-as-a-second-language every day through a role-play that evolves along with your progress.

Whatever your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced in French), these adventures are adapted to your skills and abilities. This way, every episode is a motivating and rewarding experience.



Press Review

...en français

Start your working day or take your lunch break with an entertaining Press review in French.

This will be all about your profession or your business.
Through a selection of articles taken from the most popular French publications, participants enrich their oral expression and develop their argumentative abilities on issues related to their profession.


eve lobriaut

Presenter: Eve Lobriaut

Eve, a reporter, journalist and certified French as a second language professor has worked in Europe (London and Paris) before moving to Toronto. Her extensive teaching experience to businesses has allowed her to develop an expertise in adapting to the needs of students and in creating customized courses.

nima tak

Presenter: Nima Tak

As an Editor-in-chief, journalist, reporter and presenter, at the IRIB French Service, Nima has an expertise in international politics, with a focus on Francophone countries. He has moderated various roundtables on major events. He has hosted numerous cultural programs as a radio host as well.
He moved to Toronto in 2011. Nima teaches French as a Second Language for professional environments and general public


  • Required level for participants: A2+ in oral communication.
  • The participants can verify their abilities satisfy the prerequisites by completing a placement test by telephone (20 min).
  • Group activities start at 4 participants (maximum: 10).
  • Group price of 4 to 10 people for a session of 10 x 1 hour : from $11,50 / hour / participant (Price for Downtown Toronto / North York).




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The online adaptative assessment

Important: Evalang is a self-assessment test. It does not qualify you to register for a course.
To register for a course, you need a placement test.

Evalang: for an internationally standardized assessment of proficiency in French:

  • Assess your levels of proficiency in French from A1(beginner) to C2 (bilingual)
  • Designed to automatically position your skills on the reference grid of the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFRL).
  • Three skills are evaluated: listening and reading (2 modules) as well as grammar and vocabulary (1 module).

Evalang: a flexible, fast and accurate online test.

    • Flexible and multi-supports
      • On laptops/PCs
      • On tablets or smartphones
      • Accessible anywhere, anytime
    • Fast and adaptive
      • Randomized content
      • Personalized
      • Optimal response time
      • Instantaneous results
    • Accurate (12 levels)
      • Aligned with the CEFRL
      • Levels A1 to C2

Immediate delivery of test results

As soon as the test has been completed (35 min), the candidate can download and print an attestation ( see example ) of level approved by France Education International

Please note that Evalang is suitable for 16+-year-old candidates.

Have your Evalang test

After purchasing your activation code, you will receive an email with further instruction


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