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Located next to Square One, the Mississauga campus offers summer camps for children beginning to learn French, starting at age 5.

     Schedules and programs

     9am - 12pm: camp-specific activity
     12pm - 1pm : lunch break
     1:00 - 4:00 pm:  language workshops and games in French

      A daycare service (optional) is offered from 8am to 9am and from 4pm to 6pm.

     We welcome children ages 5 to 12. Please see the camp program for the age range for each camp. 

    Please see the camp program for prices for each camp. 

    *Each day includes activities and an outdoor picnic.

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Let’s play and sing History together

This summer, Ekin Agency Arts is offering musical camps that shine a light on different periods in Western and Eastern history. Follow the footsteps of the many figures that have made their mark throughout time.

On the last day of camp, invite your loved ones for a show at the Alliance Française theater!


  • Dance and sing, craft, painting, drawing
  • Drama, collective creation

Our partner for this camp:
Ekin is an artistic agency that includes a collective of artists in the performing arts (drama, dance, literature writing, music, singing…).

Age: 5-11 years old

Jul 3-Jul 14   Jul 17-Jul 28   Jul 31-Aug 11   Aug 14-Aug 25   Aug 28-Sep 1

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Eco-Design Workshops

Have you ever wanted to design and build your own furniture? Why not try it with cardboard? At our eco-design camp, you can have fun designing different creations (furniture, scenery, and costumes). Join us and become a pro with cardboard!


  • Create a footstool for each child to bring home.
  • Create the set for a musical performance by Ekin on the Middle Ages.

Our partner for this camp:
This camp will be hosted by Nkita, an eco-friendly artist from the Ekin collective. From an environmentally responsible standpoint, he trained himself to design cardboard furniture and subsequently adopted the slow design movement. Nkita also works with Ekin as a set designer for several shows. We are proud to have him join us and share his passion for cardboard with children.

Age: 8-11 years old

Aug 14-Aug 25 

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En piste

Awaken your inner musician with our camp “On the Dance Floor!” A musical adventure that will allow your children to discover the world of dance all the while mixing movement and brainpower. What’s better than music and rhythm to learn and memorize new vocabulary! This camp includes a variety of fun and creative activities based on dance, music, and the history behind this art form. The best part, it’s all in French!

  • Activities:
    Learn songs in French and Dance lesson
    DIY, painting, and drawing to create decorations and costumes
    Stage play, Make musical instruments and soundpainting

Our partner for this camp: Camp will be led by Gaëlle, a young Francophone who is passionate about dance and music. Gaëlle is also an all-round entertainer that loves to mix hip hop with salsa, vocals with percussions, and music with theatre.

 Age: 7-12 years old

Aug 14-Aug 25