Learning from Paris

Alliance Française Toronto is happy to share with you this event Curious Minds: Learning from Paris: What 1,000 years of Parisian art, food and revolution have given us. http://ow.ly/VF8j30f5U1T

Parisians have been figuring out urban living for a very long time. From the muddy beginnings of Paris to today’s sparkling cosmopolitan centre, the City of Light has helped define Western ideas about city life. We’ll discuss historical turning points—including how Parisians invented the restaurant, with the famous “Belly of Paris” market—and talk about literary Paris with celebrities like George Sand, Gertrude Stein and Hemingway. We'll look at the revolutions, both physical and artistic, that have torn up the city's streets, and how the unstoppable Baron Haussmann destroyed and rebuilt Paris for modern living. And we'll wrap up with shimmering contemporary Paris and what the city has to offer the future.
This course is led by Lisa Pasold, a Governor General’s Award–nominated writer, journalist and television host. A Montreal native now based in Paris, Lisa’s work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, The Chicago Tribune, National Post and Billboard, among others, and in Michelin, Time Out and Fodor's guides. She has lectured and led workshops from Dawson City, Yukon, to the American University in Paris and her third book of poetry, Any Bright Horse, was nominated for the 2012 Governor General’s Award. She is the host and co-writer of Discovery World’s TV travel show, Paris Next Stop.
Doors will open one hour before the first class. Registrants will receive supplementary materials in advance of their first class.

Co-presented by Alliance Francaise de Toronto and Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema 

Ensemble Tessala at Small World Music Centre

The Ensemble Tessala is a group that revisits the main pages of some traditional and classical repertoires. It draws its inspiration from the traditional Arab-Andalusian melodies, as well as Jewish melodies from the medieval and baroque periods, even re-appropriating the tunes of Quebec folklore.

The main objective of the Ensemble Tessala is therefore to explore certain artistic aspects rooted in tradition and present them to the public in a contemporary form while respecting traditional aesthetics.

The Ensemble Tessala is composed of three master instruments: the classical guitar, played by Samuel Bonnet, the oriental percussion (Riqq & Bendir) by Nathaniel Huard and the Oud, by Khalil Moqadem.

Robert Charlebois at the Flato Markham Theatre

Robert Charlebois will be at the Flato Markam Theatre on Thursday September 28th at 8pm

Robert Charlebois brings to the stage his new show Rock’Oustic a musical tour-de-force that is part acoustic and all rock.  Order of Canada recipient, Charlebois influenced an entire generation of musicians and changed Quebec’s musical landscape in 1968 with nothing more than an electric guitar, an idea and his words.  With such hits as “Lindberg”, “Conception” and “Frog Song”, Charlebois has established himself in the world’s francophone community as an essential figure in rock and roll.




Caravan Palace at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival

  • Monday June 26th at 9 PM.
  • The Phoenix Concert Theatre
    • 410 Sherbourne St.
      Toronto, Ontario, ON M5X 1K2


One of the world's foremost electro swing bands, Caravan Palace, takes traditional 1920's jazz sounds and mashes them up with electronic pop beats - think Django Reinhardt meets Daft Punk; picture flappers flitting to funk. The result is upbeat, high-energy, danceable music which is sure to get the Phoenix moving.

And local hero DJ Medicineman, founder of Electro Swing Toronto, is onboard to support the festivities, with his signature brand of modern speakeasy style and prohibition beats.


Visit www.torontojazz.com for full lineup information.


Tickets available here : https://tprotjf.ticketpro.ca/?lang=en&server=ww2&#achat_PHO26FS17

Ode to spring

”Spring in Canada is really worth celebrating, a season, sometimes elusive, sometimes moody, always beautiful, that we so impatiently look forward to and dream about many months.

Alliance française Toronto is co-presenting three movies during the TJFF

From May 4th to May 14th the Toronto Jewish film festival will take place. AFT is co-presenting three movies : Taam, or the taste of rue Rosiers, the mad adventures of Rabbi Jacob, once upon a time ... the mad adventures of Rabbi Jacob. 

Taam, or the taste of rue Rosiers is the story of the Parisian neighbourhood of Le Marais is universally famous for being the gay and Jewish village of Paris. Before becoming the headquarters of the gay community, this quarter, and especially the Rue des Rosiers, was always Europe’s most Jewish street. Despite rising anti-Semitism in France, it remains a peaceful and protected bubble where the gay and Orthodox communities co-exist. Interviewing members of the neighbourhood’s Jewish community, filmmaker Sophie Bramly captures the life of the street--its restaurants, shops, synagogues--which remains a safe haven for two oppressed communities. 

The mad adventures of Rabbi Jacob is the story of a bigoted businessman is forced to pose as a Chasidic Rabbi after he reluctantly helps an Arab revolutionist.

Ground-breaking when it was made, and still uproariously funny, the comedy stars Louis de Funès, one of France’s most loved performers. Director Gerard Oury wrote the screenplay with his daughter Danièle Thompson, who later directed TJFF favourite, It Happened in St. Tropez (and is now working on a sequel called Rabbi Jacqueline). Always an audience favourite, the film is pure slapshtick, with dashes of romance and political humour. 


More info here 

Alliance française Toronto is co-presenting an event at the 32nd annual Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts

On Sunday, April 30th, from 2pm tp 4pm, Alliance française Toronto is proud to co-present the multi art event Journey to Belong as part of the 32nd annual Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts. 

Journey to Belong features the drag performance Sarap, the short film The Sunflower Man, and the visual exhibit My Journey on the "Pathway". These bold and beautiful works are brought together for their common thread of migrant activism, their shared investigation of the power of art to empower, express, and create change, and their connection to our deep desire to belong.

Journey to Belong features the drag performance Sarap, the short film The Sunflower Man, and the visual exhibit My Journey on the "Pathway". These bold and beautiful works are brought together for their common thread of migrant activism, their shared investigation of the power of art to empower, express, and create change, and their connection to our deep desire to belong. 

The Sunflower Man by Monica Gutierrez captures the eponymous dance by Heryka Miranda, a dance artist and scholar-activist, and Juan Luis Mendoza de la Cruz, an emerging dancer and migrant farm worker from Mexico. The dance is inspired by Heryka’s experience befriending Luis. Together they explored the lifecycle of the sunflowers at a sunflower farm where Luis works in the Niagara region. Through the method of land dancing and creative expression, Luis found comfort and relief from feelings of isolation and homesickness, often experienced by migrant farmworkers due to the precarity of their employment. A sunflower that has stood strong with the strength of her ancestors is slowly fading in the fields. A woman senses its desire to connect to the man that comes from a foreign land to take care of her. 

My Journey on the “Pathway” by Kara Manso, aka Kristina Torres, is a visual exhibit of drawings and performance props inspired by the artist's work in migrant activism and her struggles as a caregiver in the so-called "Pathway to Permanent Residency". The artist refers to this program designed by the Canadian government for live-in caregivers as the "pathway to exploitation". The robot head masks used during the 2016 World Day for Decent Work demonstration point to the reality of migrant caregivers at work who are treated like robots without feelings or dignity. In showing her personal experiences and vulnerability through her art, the artist hopes the works will empower people and give voice to the voiceless.

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Journey to Belong

Sunday April 30, 2 pm - 4 pm

Alliance Française Theatre, 24 Spadina Rd

Alliance française Toronto is co-presenting a documentary at the Hot Docs festival !

AFT is very pleased to co-present this year the documenatry Resurrecting Hassan for the 24th annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

Resurrecting Hassan

Carlo Guillermo Proto / Canada, Chile (100mins)

With passion, the three members of the Harting family make a living singing a cappella ballads in the Montreal metro. All three are blind and haunted by the tragic drowning death of the only seeing member of their family, Hassan. Enter Russian mystic and cult-like leader Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, who promises to help his followers regenerate and resurrect the dead. For the Hartings, Hassan’s resurrection is their only hope for completing their family once more. With intimate access and unflinching observations, the film chronicles the Hartings’ attempts at dealing with their collective grief. What emerges is a highly unusual family portrait of three complex yet lovable characters. -Aisha Jamal


SUN, APR 30      2:45PM     Scotiabank Theatre 4
TUE, MAY 2        12:30PM   TIFF Bell Lightbox 2
FRI, MAY 5          3:30PM     Scotiabank Theatre 7 

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