Grand Opening New Gallery

On Wednesday, January 9, 2019, Alliance Française Toronto opens the doors of its new gallery!
The Grand Opening of this new location represents the culmination of a long-term project to equip AFT with a full-fledged cultural center with two complementary spaces, a theater inaugurated in 2014 and an art gallery.
For the occasion, this evening will be marked by the opening of the photography exhibition Our photos from film shoots presented by Marie-José Raymond (Producer) and Claude Fournier (director, author) responsable for Éléphant, la mémoire du cinéma québécois.

Theme of the exhibitionWhen the first film-shoots photos submitted by our cinema's artists appeared on a Facebook page at the invitation of two apprentice chroniclers—Serge Beauchemin and François Gill— Éléphant immediately realized that it could not remain indifferent to such an important act of memory. In the jungle of photos in which they quickly found themselves, the two chroniclers enthusiastically welcomed the support of Éléphant, which henceforth and for posterity will archive on its website,, the fabulous souvenir album of those who make it possible for cinema to create worlds.

At 8pm, an opening concert is offered with guitarist Stéphane Wrembel in duet with Tak Arikushi. Come and enjoy their performance entitled''Django Reinhardt: the French art of gypsy jazz and musette''.

An evening full of emotions and surprises awaits you! Thanks to the Photo Booth, immortalize your participation at this historic moment for AFT!
To satisfy your taste buds, come and enjoy a glass of Grand Marnier, savor the petits fours of the Baratin and indulge in the sweets of Saveur Sucrée.
- Wednesday, January 9, 2019
- 6PM
- New Gallery (entrance to Spadina Road)
- Free entry


Degas: Passion for Perfection
Movie-documentary playing at Cineplex theatres in Toronto starting Nov.25 until Jan.14
Synopsis: From The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge EXHIBITION ON SCREEN journeys from a superb exhibition at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, whose extensive collection of Degas’ works is the most representative in Britain, to the streets of Paris. With exclusive access to view rare and diverse works, this film tells the fascinating story of Degas’ pursuit of perfection through both experimentation with new techniques and lessons learned from studying the past masters. Sometimes frustrated by his own failings, Degas was consumed by obsessive principles and failing eyesight but his determination to capture everyday life was evident in every mark he made. Never fully satisfied, many of Degas’ drawings and sculptures were kept in private during his lifetime but, now through close examination, they can be seen as some of the most beautifully detailed and expressive works in the modern era. Using written accounts by friends and commentators, and the narration of letters written by Degas himself, this film reveals a more complex truth behind one of the most influential French artists of the late 19th-century and serves as an exploration of the complex workings of Degas’ artistic mind.
“Art is not a matter of what you see, but what you make other people see.” Edgar Degas
  • Dates : 
    • November 25, 2018
    •  November 27, 2018
    •  December 2, 2018
    •  December 6, 2018
    •  December 12, 2018
    •  December 14, 2018
    •  December 17, 2018
    •  January 14, 2019