From May 4th to May 14th the Toronto Jewish film festival will take place. AFT is co-presenting three movies : Taam, or the taste of rue Rosiers, the mad adventures of Rabbi Jacob, once upon a time ... the mad adventures of Rabbi Jacob. 

Taam, or the taste of rue Rosiers is the story of the Parisian neighbourhood of Le Marais is universally famous for being the gay and Jewish village of Paris. Before becoming the headquarters of the gay community, this quarter, and especially the Rue des Rosiers, was always Europe’s most Jewish street. Despite rising anti-Semitism in France, it remains a peaceful and protected bubble where the gay and Orthodox communities co-exist. Interviewing members of the neighbourhood’s Jewish community, filmmaker Sophie Bramly captures the life of the street--its restaurants, shops, synagogues--which remains a safe haven for two oppressed communities. 

The mad adventures of Rabbi Jacob is the story of a bigoted businessman is forced to pose as a Chasidic Rabbi after he reluctantly helps an Arab revolutionist.

Ground-breaking when it was made, and still uproariously funny, the comedy stars Louis de Funès, one of France’s most loved performers. Director Gerard Oury wrote the screenplay with his daughter Danièle Thompson, who later directed TJFF favourite, It Happened in St. Tropez (and is now working on a sequel called Rabbi Jacqueline). Always an audience favourite, the film is pure slapshtick, with dashes of romance and political humour. 


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