• Monday June 26th at 9 PM.
  • The Phoenix Concert Theatre
    • 410 Sherbourne St.
      Toronto, Ontario, ON M5X 1K2


One of the world's foremost electro swing bands, Caravan Palace, takes traditional 1920's jazz sounds and mashes them up with electronic pop beats - think Django Reinhardt meets Daft Punk; picture flappers flitting to funk. The result is upbeat, high-energy, danceable music which is sure to get the Phoenix moving.

And local hero DJ Medicineman, founder of Electro Swing Toronto, is onboard to support the festivities, with his signature brand of modern speakeasy style and prohibition beats.


Visit www.torontojazz.com for full lineup information.


Tickets available here : https://tprotjf.ticketpro.ca/?lang=en&server=ww2&#achat_PHO26FS17