Safety Sanitary Rules on Campuses

 Update Feb. 25, 2022


As of March 1st, we will be welcoming students to our campuses with pleasure and caution In accordance with the updated Province public Health Office guidances.

In order to ensure optimal safety for all, all staff at the 5 Alliance Française Toronto campuses have been asked to produce their vaccination certificates.

They have been required to fulfill a number of prerequisites and take specific precautions in order to welcome you safely.

Students will also be required to follow preventive measures. Please take note of the instructions below and send us as soon as possible the information needed to welcome you to our centers.

Precautions on campus:

Parents are asked to drop off their children at the entrance of the campuses and not enter the buildings.

Parents are not allowed to wait for their children inside the buildings. We encourage them to pick up their children outside the buildings.

For all students, it is requested to respect the following safety instructions:

  • Wear a mask when walking around (applicable from the age of 5).
  • Follow the instructions given on the campuses (wandering, maximum number of people per room, physical distancing in the classroom, etc.).
  • A mask or visor must be worn during class for students 6 years of age and older. Teachers will encourage younger students to keep their masks on throughout the class.
  • In the classroom, at the beginning of each class, the following will be required:

o Hand washing;

o Cleaning of work surfaces (table and chair).

We are confident that we can provide a collective experience on our campuses by taking abundant precautions. If you have questions about specific situations, please contact your campus administration.

We look forward to meeting you all in real life.

Christophe Plantiveau

Deputy Director