A community gathered around French-speaking cultures and Canadian bilinguism values.

AFT remains the recognized centre of excellence for the promotion of Francophone cultures and bilingualism in the Greater Toronto Area. (Plan of 2021-2025)

Our Mission

AFT is committed to:

  • Excellence in teaching and learning French at all ages
  • Promoting and presenting high-calibre cultural offerings that express the richness and diversity of Francophone cultures
  • Being a strategic partner with Ontario's major Francophone and bilingual organizations.

Our Values

  • Enriching the human experience and understanding through bilingualism and intercultural exchange
  • French language and Francophone cultures occupy a special place in the Canadian context
  • High professional and ethical standards
  • Excellence, equity, integrity, respect, and transparency.

Chiffres Clés

Fast Facts 2022 EN


Alliance Française was founded in Paris, France in 1883 by Louis Pasteur, Ferdinand de Lesseps and Jules Verne and established in Toronto since 1902. Alliance Française Toronto has always embodied the l’humanisme, modern values of humanism and a respect for linguistic and cultural diversity.

Over the last years, Alliance Française Toronto has demonstrated its potential and vitality and has grown to become the largest French language school in Canada. It is a dynamic cultural centre presenting more than 100 events a year.

Alliance Française Toronto is a 100% Canadian non-profit and charity organization offering the GTA community a wide range of French as a Second Language classes to children, teenagers and adults from all levels.


Our commitments in the GTA community

Thanks to the generosity of institutional partnerships, Alliance Francaise Toronto supports members and causes for their contribution to building open and inclusive communities.



Viamonde French School board

Through a partnership agreement signed in 2019, Alliance Francaise Toronto opens its cultural media library to Viamonde teachers and provides non French-speaking parents with French courses with reduced tuitions. 

MonAvenir Catholic School board

Funded by the French catholic school board MonAvenir, Alliance française has offered in 2021 a Summer leisures program online to kids from both our communities.





Oasis, women shelter

Alliance Française Toronto offers - through the Oasis Center - female victims of all types of violence, free invitations to the various events it organizes: concerts, conferences, exhibitions and even cinema screenings. In addition, the Alliance Française provides them with free access to its online media library, Culturethèque.




4 Next generation Scholarship

Funded by a private donation, the Alliance française is opening a French learning grant to children aged 3 to 5 from disadvantaged backgrounds. The scholarship offers children an additional chance to have a learning experience in a socially diverse context.


Journal l’Express for students

By voluntarily participating in the editorial development of the magazine "l’Express pour les élèves", the Alliance Française puts its French teaching expertise at the disposal of some 15,000 young Francophone and Francophile readers in the Greater Toronto Area.

Future Projects

Spadina Campus Reception Desk Move
En accédant par Spadina road, les visiteurs du campus bénéficieront de nos services d’information dans un espace encore plus convivial et chaleureux avec un accès direct aux galeries d’exposition, au théâtre et aux salles de classe.

Spadina and North York Campuses French-speaking hubs Opening:
We wish to offer the Francophone and Francophile community of the GTA services including:

  • Access to a French-speaking and digital media library,
  • A workspace with free wifi,
  • Practice workshops for children.

Testimonials from members of our community

Fifty Canadians, born in India, Iran, Brazil, Bangladesh, Haiti, Algeria but also in British Columbia, Ontario or New Brunswick ... tell their story with the French language. The discovery of a song, a novel, a meeting of a life companion, .. each one carries a story in which the language of Moliére was the hero. To read and share around you.

Alliance Française de Toronto is over a hundred years old. It welcomes more than 6,000 students in its French classes and hosts more than 80 cultural events every year.

Alliance Française de Toronto since 1902

At the dawn of success:

  • October 28, 1902: Alliance Française de Toronto (AFT) is founded on the campus of the University of Toronto by professor Charles Saint-Elme de Champ and several of his faculty colleagues, with the purpose to “help students learn modern languages”.
  • 1914-1918: Alliance Française de Toronto gives its first French classes to Canadian military officers about to be shipped away to the French front during World War One.
  • April 22, 1927: Alliance Française de Toronto’s board of directors has its first corporate letter patent registered.
  • Until 1960: Alliance Française de Toronto is a university club based on Victoria campus. Its first director from France is appointed at the end of the 1950’s.
  • End of the 60’s: Alliance Française de Toronto begins to offer French classes in the basement of one of its professors’ home.

The expansion of Alliance Française de Toronto:

  • 1970’s: Alliance Française de Toronto settles in a two-storey dwelling at 60, Charles Street West. With the arrival of French director André Petit in 1977 and the election Bill Graham as President in 1978, Alliance Française de Toronto begins to grow as a specialized language school and to develop its cultural activities. In addition to drafting its by-laws, Alliance Française de Toronto becomes officially recognized as a non-profit organization.
  • Early 1980’s: Alliance Française de Toronto purchases a building at 895, Yonge Street. The space consists of eight classrooms over four floors and a gallery space for exhibits.
  • 1986: Alliance Française de Toronto purchases a Victorian house at 24, Spadina Road. Although it was initially considered a financial risk, this decision will ensure the growth and future of the institution. At the same time, Alliance Française de Toronto opens the first Montessori school on Spadina road.
  • January 1987: Alliance Française de Toronto moves into its new Spadina home. The Montessori school faces a significant increase in enrolment and is forced to move.
  • 1991: A new branch opens in Mississauga.
  • September 1991: A new branch with five classrooms opens in North York at 1, Elmhurst Avenue.
  • December 1997: The Mississauga branch moves to 1140, Burnhamthorpe Road West.
  • 1998: The Spadina branch opens a library on its first floor.
  • 2002: Alliance Française de Toronto purchases a large building in North York, located at 95, Sheppard Avenue West. Significant renovation work ensues.
  • September 2004: The North York branch settles into its newly renovated space.
  • Summer 2008: The Gallery at Spadina is expanded.
  • October 2008: the Mississauga branch moves to 4261, Sherwoodtowne Blvd. Entirely renovated and newly equipped, this spacious building includes 15 classrooms and a library.
  • September 2009: Alliance Française de Toronto launches a significant building extension project for its Spadina branch, with the addition of four floors to meet a growing demand for its French classes and to welcome a larger audience at its cultural events. This aims to respond to growing demand for subscriptions and expand cultural spaces.
  • January 2010: Alliance Française de Toronto opens a new branch in Markham with four classrooms.
  • September 2011: the Markham branch moves to another space in the same building with 9 classrooms.
  • Septembre 2013: Alliance Francaise Toronto opens a new branch in Oakville with 5 classrooms.
  • June 2014: Alliance Francaise Toronto opens the new building extension in its Toronto Downtown campus with 8 new state-of-the-art classrooms and a new theater with 147 seats.
  • January 2019: Alliance Francaise Toronto open a new gallery at the Spadina Campus.