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 A campus founded to respond to the urgency of the needs of our students.

Today,  a major language centre is accessible everywhere and for all.


Every crisis requires changes, adaptations and improvements.
When the COVID lockdown began in March 2020, Alliance Française staff mobilized to offer students another way to learn French. Within two weeks, more than 1000 students registered for Alliance Française’s online courses to continue learning.

Alliance Française invested hundreds of hours to train teachers, adapt learning resources to go 100 per cent digital. We did this with a singular focus on maintaining excellence in order to offer the same quality of learning experience
as we offer in our classrooms. Today, the Alliance Française’s online campus offers 7/12 French courses for kids 5+, teens, and adults. Students can access online cultural programming and an e-library (Culturethèque). They can also complete their learning with an immersive experience.

For those who do not live near an Alliance Française campus, our online campus offers the next best thing: the opportunity to learn and live French from home.


Alliance Francaise de Toronto
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