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4 Next Generation

Une philosophie, une bourse

L’environnement socio-économique d’un enfant joue un rôle déterminant dans son développement cognitif et son épanouissement, cela dès son plus jeune âge.

Afin d’offrir à des enfants en situation de défi, une chance supplémentaire de vivre une expérience d’apprentissage dans un contexte de mixité sociale, l’Alliance Française de Toronto et sa communauté ont rejoint un visionnaire qui a créé la bourse 4 Next Generation.

Fort des dons de sa communauté et d’une infrastructure pédagogique de qualité, L’Alliance Française de Toronto ouvre l’accès gratuit pour de jeunes récipiendaires à un programme d’apprentissage et d’expériences culturelles en français langue seconde.


Donateur / Donatrice

Offrez l’apprentissage du français à un enfant qui mérite cette nouvelle chance

Parrain / Marraine

Parrainez un enfant à la Bourse 4 Next Generation

Vous êtes enseignant, directeur / directrice d’école, d’un centre communautaire ou d’un service d’aide à l’enfance? Vous souhaitez recommander un enfant qui pourrait bénéficiez de cette bourse.

Laissez-nous votre contact. L’Alliance Française vous répondra pour traiter votre parrainage.


Danielle, mother

"I am genuinely grateful that my daughter was chosen to receive a scholarship for the French program at Alliance Française last year. It is not an opportunity that I would have been able to provide for her on my own. From the outset, the Alliance Françoise’s French program was an incredibly positive experience. She had a fantastic teacher who was engaging, caring, supportive and kind, who nurtured her ability to learn the French language. The class not only engaged her interest through learning about French culture both here in Canada as well as abroad but this in turn encouraged our awareness by spending time together exploring all things French. The value and impact of this opportunity for my daughter proliferated far beyond the confines of the classroom by generating a deeper curiosity, openness and resilience to try learning new things while it broadened her perspective of our world and greatly grew her confidence in general. My daughter enjoyed the lessons and enthusiastically described them as “fun!”. I am incredibly appreciative of the school and its community’s impact on my daughter and our family.

Again, thank you very much for the opportunity."

Tricia, Benjamin's mother

"My son Benjamin was given a scholarship from the alliance francaise and it was the best thing. There were textbooks provided which I felt made the experience more authentic. He had amazing facilitators and the opportunity to meet other students from outside his school and area. He was struggling with the language and the classes helped tremendously to improve his skills and understanding. I believe this program is a huge benefit to all that are given the opportunity to partake. I wish it was a permanent placement. The confidence in completing the work and getting it corrected was priceless."

Siobhan, Ciaran's mother

"Ciaran really needed the extra French learning. He has developed a better sense of self and is a little more confident when responding to questions from Mme, also having the workbook and the assigned homework creates a bit of responsibility for his education."


Ouvert à des enfants âgés de 5 à 10 ans issus de familles monoparentales, ce programme sera dispensé soit en ligne, soit dans l’un des 5 campus de l’Alliance Française.


    Alliance française de Toronto, campus Spadina
    24 Spadina Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 2S7
    (416) 922-2014